The Bottom Line: On Time and On Budget

Using a mix of modern technology and old school methodology, we provide sound estimates and timely schedules for all types of projects. Our vast experience in the industry allows us to foresee potential pitfalls which prevents costly overruns and delays. Combined with our expert project management skills we ensure that all projects are completed within … Continue reading

Impeccable Technical and Consulting Services

Our field of expertise includes project management, contract administration, as well as technical┬áservices in the mining, construction, and technical┬ásectors. Our extensive knowledge is backed by our 100+ years of experience in the these industries; servicing federal and provincial agencies, First Nations, mining companies, and other private sectors across Northeastern Ontario. Our reputation is built on … Continue reading

Vision, Planning, Execution, and Communication

All projects have the potential to be successful if they are borne by an idea that is nurtured by proper planning and skilled execution. The other key factor to a projects success is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively throughout all project phases from Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing. Our strength … Continue reading

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